Trusted Financial Advice

If you are looking for experienced, knowledgeable and affordable financial planners or financial advisors to help you with financial planning such as estate planning, insurance (critical illness insurance, life insurance, etc.), retirement planning, investment planning, and/or risk management it is always best to choose a certified financial planner. A certified financial planner (CFP) has the highest designation of education attainable and is more likely to provide the best financial advice when compared to financial planners who are not certified.


A certified financial planner can help you put together a financial blueprint and implement it in all sectors of financial planning including estate planning, critical illness insurance, life insurance, retirement planning, investment planning, and risk management amongst others. On this website you will find invaluable information that will help you make better financial planning decisions. Our goal is to provide you with relevant and accurate information that will help you plan for a better future.

Things to Look for in a Financial Planner

  • Someone who has over 10 years of experience in financial planning
  • Someone who offers free, no-obligation financial advice
  • Someone who doesn't promote only certain products
  • Someone who is ethical, honest and family oriented
  • Someone who is a certified financial planner

CFP Code of Ethics

The CFP Code of Ethics is one of the most strict and ethical documents in the financial industry.
Download the Code of Ethics

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Main Areas of Financial Planning

Estate Planning
Through effective estate planning a financial planner can help you preserve & protect your assets so that your wealth gets transferred to your children, dependents or beneficiaries & not to the government.
Estate Planning
Life Insurance
Life insurance is a powerful and cost-effective tax planning tool that can help your loved ones not only pay taxes and other liabilities upon your death, but can also help you minimize taxes during your lifetime.
Life Insurance
Critical Illness
Critical illness insurance is a product that enables you to receive a tax-free cash payment in case you become critically ill. It covers a large list of illnesses including cancer, stroke and heart disease.
Critical Illness Insurance
Retirement Planning
A good financial planner can help you put together the most cost effective and beneficial retirement plan, which will help you get where you want for your future, while taking into consideration your lifestyle and desires.
Retirement Planning
Investment Planning
It can be difficult to decide what to do with your hard earned cash and property in a country driven by high tax rates. An experienced financial planner will be able to offer you effective investment planning advice.
Investment Planning
Risk Management
Through effective risk management a financial planner can evaluate any possible risk of running your business and help you find the best solutions for you and your family in case of disability or death.
Risk Management

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